Photo Gallery 365


Being inspired by those intrepid and organised souls who religiously take a photo a day or make a painting a day that is a thumbnail of their every day I have decided to try and join in that practice.

9 thoughts on “Photo Gallery 365

  1. So it’s Photos & Phrases for you. What a brilliant idea and a great way to show off your skills at both photography and a wee Haiku for each.
    Toasting to your lively and healthy future from far-away Montana with an Old Frothingslosh…the pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom. Bonne sante et prend soin de toi!

  2. Hi sweets

    I just love coming back every couple of days to see what you’ve snapped. It\s interesting to watch your life getting cooler as ours hots up for summer.

    Hugs all round

    Lizzie xxx

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